There are certain events that are traditions that you feel like you have to do every summer.  This year, some of those are back in full swing.

Over the last couple years, a bunch has changed.  Events and the way we do them have changed.  Some look completely different now since the pandemic, but some are back in full swing the way we remember them.

Some of those events that were back to normal earlier this year include:

The Buffalo Marathon

The Queen of Heaven Carnival

The Taste of Buffalo

The WYRK Taste of Country


Still coming up this weekend:


The Langford Tractor Pull

The Attica Rodeo


And later this summer...

The Erie County Fair


Another event that is back to the way you remember it is the Eden Corn Fest.  It just didn't feel right last year to do it without the parade and the car show.  It kind of felt like summer never even happened.  Yes, they had the Corn Fest, and we were grateful that they were able to do it the way they did, but it still didn't feel right.

That shouldn't be the case this year.

This year, they're back to normal.  The car show is back.  The parade is back.  Live music is back.  And yes...the corn, is back.

A lot of people still don't know what all goes on there.  "Do they just sit around and eat corn for 4 days?"  The answer is...yes.  But there really is a lot more to do than that.

They've even got a National Singer/Songwriter playing for free on Saturday night.  Her name is Robyn Ottolini.

So what else do they normally do there?

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