Western New York is known for all kinds of great foods and the area's festivals, fairs, and lawn fetes help promote all types of delicious culinary creations that we all crave. Some foods share the stage with other delicacies, while others are the featured food. The Chicken Wing and Eden Corn are two foods that are the stars of their own festival. I am still waiting for a hamburger festival...I'm looking at you, Hamburg. Fans of food gather every year to experience the sights, sounds, smells, and most important taste. The Eden Corn Fest is one of the most popular because let's face it. The way the folks at the Eden Fest do corn is above and beyond what most of us can do. I know, it looks simple but there is something about THAT CORN at THAT FEST that makes it more addictive than (insert your addictive trigger here). Spectrum News Reports:

Corn is a major staple for any summertime picnic, cook-out, or barbeque party. And corn is so versatile in how you can prepare it.  You can grill, boil or bake it. I am not sure if you can deep fry it but I'm willing to try that too. Hey, if it's sweet enough I'll eat it raw.

So here's to hoping that Eden will once again take the mantle and be recognized as this area's CornHub.


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