The road trip is as much a part of summers in America as baseball and apple pie.  But what does that mean in terms of the cost of the trip itself, if you live in the Empire State?

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People are starting to hit the road this summer once again in America.  After COVID wiped out summer vacations for millions over the last couple of years, Americans are hitting the road hard in the summer of 2022.  According to AAA, an eesitmated 39.2 million people hit the road over the Memorial Day weekend, which represents an increase of 8.3% over 2021.  Then nearly 47.9 million people were expected to hit the road over the 4th of July holiday weekend, an increase of 3.7% over 2021.

So what does all this mean for New Yorkers hitting the highway this summer?  The website  recently put together a ranking of the most expensive states for roadtrippers this summer.

They took a look at the most popular car model in each state, average mileage per gallon (both in the city, and on the highway); the average cost of gas per gallon; the average distance traveled on road trips, and perhaps the most important factor, how many gallons of gas would be required for the road trip in total.

After looking atr all 50 states, the average cost for a road trip for Americans came to $94.28 in gas costs alone.  Arkansas turned out to be the state with the highest cost to road trip in, with the average cost of gas the highest in the nation at $122.23.


As far as New York, we actually turn out to be one of the cheapest states in the nation based on all of their factors, The Empire State checked in at the 40th position overall, with an average of $80.05 in gas costs for a road trip. The most popular car in New York used to come up with that figure?  The Honda Accord.

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