While there is one day out of the year solely dedicated to the fathers around the world, there are life lessons that we learned from dad that we carry through life.

Dad is usually the go-to for wisdom and thoughtful answers. It always seems so natural, too…like the wisdom just oozes out. 

Dads are known for being goofy and silly, too. (Need I remind you of a good dad joke?)

Secretly, I like the dad jokes...but I will continue to roll my eyes every time I hear one. 

While there are so many things we think of when we reflect on the time we have spent with our dad, perhaps the things that stick to us the most (rather than the memories, of course) are the lessons within the years.

Think about it: how many times have you thought back to something your dad said to help you make a present-day decision?

Probably a handful of times…or more.

We asked Western New Yorkers to share their favorite life lessons that they have learned from dad over the years, and here are the best answers.  

We Can Thank Western New York Dads For These 19 Life Lessons

All the dads in Western New York have said all of these words of wisdom at least once.

Over the weekend, call your dad, give him a hug, and if you can’t anymore, remember one of the many life lessons he taught you over the years. 

Thank you, dad! 

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