Daemen College has been named a Best Value School by University Research and Review. This organization created this awards system to acknowledge the "often overlooked colleges, universities and career schools that successfully combine education, quality of life and affordability!" There is no "top list" just a group of schools that have been selected because they  meet criteria important to postsecondary students of all ages. See the full criteria and methodology on their website HERE.

Daeman College, located in Amherst, has an enrollment of about 2,700 students. According to University Research and Review, even with the schools high price of $41,000 a year most first year students only pay around $18,000 "which results from all of these students receiving grants or scholarships."

The website boasts the college's acclaimed and accredited programs in health, education and natural sciences. They also state that,

"Daemen’s degree programs in health, particularly the bachelor, master and doctorate programs (doctorate in physical therapy), and their bachelor and master programs in education (especially the master’s in special education) bring many students this relatively small institution."

The only draw back the organization could find was the lack in online programs that they offer.

Read the full report HERE.

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