I'm embarrassed to say that this is a driving lesson that I just recently learned the hard way.

Some people really don't know this and it's kind of alarming and dangerous.

School schedules have been extremely chaotic for the past year. Parents, teachers and bus drivers have all had to adjust to new schedules. School schedules and bus routes are now starting to normalize. I know we aren't used to seeing busses on the road anymore but they're getting back out there and we should be on the lookout for busses stopping on busy roadways in New York.

When a bus stops and has its flashers and stop sign extended, do you need to stop if you are separated by a median? You may be surprised.

Yesterday I was driving and suddenly the car ahead of me came to an immediate stop. I wasn't tailgating so I didn't come close to hitting them but it was a dangerous situation to be in for this driver. It's not often I see a car stopped in the middle lane on major roadway.

Cars sped right by us. I thought there was a problem with the driver ahead of me. It turns out this person had stopped because a bus stopped to drop off kids on the other side of a divided highway.

This person braked to a full stop in the middle lane because a bus stopped 4 lanes away on the other side of the median. It turns out what they did was absolutely correct in New York.

According to School Training Solutions, you must stop for a school bus if its flashers are on even if it is on a divided highway. Have you been following the rules? Now you know and I hope this saves you from a pretty big ticket.



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