I've been a dog owner almost my entire life. Ever since I got a lovable German Schnauzer for Christmas when I was a little kid, I've loved dogs. Currently, my fiancée and I own a pitbull/beagle mix named Odessa, who is a rescue dog from the SPCA Serving Erie County.

Humans truly do not deserve the undeniable love that dogs give, so that's why when I hear stories like this, it breaks my heart, because I cannot fathom how anyone could do something so awful.

The West Seneca Police Department posted a heartbreaking story on their Facebook page this week, but the good news is that the story goes from a bad story to a great one, and shows just how amazing the Buffalo community is.

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An officer last week was on patrol along Clinton Street, came across a dog with serious injuries. The dog was struck by an unknown vehicle, who had left the scene. The dog was rushed to the Orchard Park animal hospital where veterinarians saved the dog's life.

The dog's owner was reached and the dog bolted out of the owner's door and went missing. Unfortunately, while the dog is expected to make a full recovery, he lost a leg due to the accident.

The most amazing part about this story though? The gesture by a person who stopped to check on the dog on the side of the road. The anonymous person donated $1,000 to pay for the vet bill, which helped save the dog's life.

The West Seneca Police Department would love to get any clues as to who this person is who struck the dog and left the scene. I couldn't even imagine someone doing that.

Thank God for the officers who rescued the dog, the veterinarians who saved the dog's life, and the person who donated the $1,000 dollars to pay for the medical bill.

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