Your wife will appreciate this one. 

One Netflix show snuck a life lesson into one of their television scenes, and it was centered around Doug Flutie.

The show is called Happy Endings, and the life lesson is…(your wife is going to love this one)…why you should NOT lie to your wife.

To make it even better, this episode of the television series had an interesting guest star pass on the bit of wisdom in regards to Doug Flutie.

That guest star was Brent Musburger, who is currently the radio play-by-play voice for the Las Vegas Raider, as well as the lead broadcaster and managing editor for the Vegas Stats and Information Network. 

Musburger was also one of the original members of The NFL Today, and he hosted Monday Night Football starting in 1990 and broadcasted the play-by-play for Saturday Night Football.

My point is, Musburger has a lot of professional football experience in his broadcasting career, so to hear him reference Doug Flutie in this life lesson about why you should not lie to your wife definitely got my attention. 

You can watch the scene from the show Happy Endings below. 

Musburger says to Brad, played by actor Damon Wayans Jr., “I’m sorry things aren’t going well at home.”

Brad asked, “What do you mean, Brent Musburger?”

“You’re lying to your wife just to get some space,” Musburger said. 

Brad from Happy Endings defended himself, “Oh, it’s just a little white lie, you know what I mean?”

That’s when Musburger gave a piece of excellent advice.

“That’s what the Miami Hurricanes thought on that muggy Friday afternoon down in the Orange Bowl back in 1984. Miami led 45-41. Only 5 seconds left on the clock. The Hurricanes thought they had it all wrapped up, but somebody else thought differently, and that somebody was Douglas Richard…Flutie. Flutie back, flush to the right. He throws it down 60 yards. It’s caught. Caught by Boston College! The Eagles win it!” Musburger said.

“Wow,” Brad said. “So Miami thought they didn’t have anything to worry about at home, and they blew it.” 

Next time you think about lying to your wife, remember the wise words of Brent Musburger and the example he used with former Buffalo Bill Doug Flutie.

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