New York State should make it a law that all fast food restaurants have to have these simple, but important things. Not only for convenience but also for emergencies.

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New York Restaurants

In New York State there are over 20,000 restaurants of all kinds and flavors. New York has some of, if not the, best food in the world. From the Wings and Beef on 'Weck in Buffalo to the Pizza and bag3ls in New York City, which are the stereotypical things to fall back on here. You can find every ethnicity and flavor across the entire state. New York State also has thousands of drive-thru fast food restaurants. Church's is reportedly the most popular. There are of course the standards like McDonald's, Wendy's Burger King, Taco Bell, Chik-fil-a, Dunkin Donuts, Tim Hortons, Starbucks, and Sonic. There are also regional favorites like Might Taco and White Castle.

A Growing Trend

New York State has one of the fewest fast food restaurants per person rates in the United States. Still, more and more of them seem to pop up every year. Drive-thrus have been featured even more often, as the pandemic in many ways made them essential for many restaurants to stay open. Several fast food establishments have begun making double and even triple-wide lanes for ordering in an effort to speed up wondering and thus the wait times. A smart move, especially for the most popular places in any town. However, some drive-thrus, especially new ones, are missing an important thing that needs to be added.

Fast Food Places Should Have These in New York

More and more drive-thrus are being built with lanes to order in, but no lane to escape the line. For example, this recently built Starbucks has one lane, and if there's an issue it gets backed up for some time.


It should be required that all fast food restaurants with drive-thrus have an escape lane.

Yes, you make a choice to get into a line to begin with, but you shouldn't be stuck there. This line took 20 minutes to get through at a fast food establishment. Not the end of the world, but you should be given the option of leaving.

What if you did have an emergency you suddenly needed to leave for? There is literally nowhere to go here. Yes, you can again say, "well make better choices." that's a wonderful perspective to have in hindsight, and not really fair at all.

The only reason the drive-thru lane is made this way is to force you to stay in it and thus have to get something and spend money. What if you forgot your wallet and didn't realize it? What if they were out of what you wanted and didn't want anything else? Now you're stuck in a line for no reason.

Drive-thrus built like these give no courtesy or consideration to people's time or circumstances. Which is ironic, seeing fast food is supposed to be a convenience to save you time.


That's why New York State should make it a law that all drive-thrus, moving forward and where applicable, should have an escape lane. You should not be forced into anything, including having your time taken away, simply so that a business can profit.


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