In a news release sent out this week from D'Youville College in Buffalo, it was announced that the private college will be setting up Afghan refugees and their families with housing. Temporary housing has already been issued for a couple of families and more will be moving in soon.

According to the staff at D'Youville,

D’Youville has partnered with the International Institute of Buffalo and other local refugee agencies to provide temporary housing for refugees from Afghanistan. The first two Afghan family units moved into on-campus residential spaces on November 19. After these families find permanent housing, other refugee families will take up residence on campus, in an ongoing partnership with the International Institute.

Buffalo truly is the City of Good Neighbors and this is just another example of local business and education institutions lending a hand at a difficult time. Much of the items that the families will need have been donated and the families will work with case managers to help get them a permanent place to live and a source of income.

“These families are eager to get acclimated to the culture and Buffalo environment,” says Jeremy Stott, housing coordinator for the International Institute. “We are grateful for this partnership with D’Youville so they can have safe, comfortable housing as they start their new lives in our community.”

My wife is a graduate of D'Youville and the generosity that the school is showing is no surprise. The staff and student body have always bene welcoming and giving and are a mirror to the way rest of the generous community within Buffalo.

D’Youville is a private college located on the west side of Buffalo.

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