One New York craft brewery is taking "emotional support" to a whole new level, creating a limited release "Emotional Support Beer."

Before you say anything, I get it. Woodstock isn't around the corner or just down the road like Rochester. But come on, with all the great craft breweries in Buffalo, why don't WE have an emotional support beverage? How about Resurgent's Assurance? Or the Big Ditch Emotional Niche? Hoppy Happiness from Buffalo Brewing? OK...that may be better for Easter, but you get the point. The emotional support beer is no longer just a keg dream.

Give someone an inch and they'll take a mile. That's how the saying goes, and for the most part, it's true. Just think back just a couple of years to the emotional support animal "craze"(although if my calculations are correct, today marks 10 years since COVID started. I could be off on that, but math are hard!).

I call it a craze, because people tried pulling all sorts of moves with their pets, claiming them as "emotional support" animals. Remember Pebbles? The emotional support Hamster that the owner flushed when an airline wouldn't let Pebbles on board (not much of an emotional support animal if you're willing to flush it!)? How about the woman who tried boarding a flight with Dexter, her emotional support Peacock. Honestly, I'm a little disappointed no one ever tried an emotional support Bison or even just an emotional support folding table. And while emotional support animals are no joke, there wasn't ever a lack of jokes about Pebbles or Dexter.

Enter 2020 and COVID World. By a show of hands, who made an emotional support beer or emotional support cocktail joke...or three...hundred? That's what I thought. Look, I'd have both hands up if I didn't have to type right now. While it may have started as a joke, that emotional support beer is now a reality, thanks to the Woodstock Brewing company. The craft brewer has created a limited-time Citra IPA. While the can looks like a party popper went off inside (it's very colorful), "Emotional Support Beer" is in bold font, front, and center.

So now you really CAN have that emotional support beer. Even better, while you're self-soothing enjoying your new emotional support beverage, you're also giving to a charity whether you meant to or not. Part of the proceeds from this limited-time microbrew goes to Operation At Ease, a charity that matches veterans and first responders with shelter dogs who need a forever home. It's a win-win-win. Plus, there's no way anyone can convince me that a beer that supports charity doesn't taste better. Go ahead, change my mind.

By the way, personally, I think the Crowley Crowler would be GREAT branding for a Buffalo craft brewery. But then, I may be a little biased. Cheers!

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