I had to do a double take when I drove past the skeleton that was as big as a house on Oakwood Avenue in East Aurora this past Sunday.

I’m not sure how the kids missed it, and my wife was looking the other way, and I shouted "oh my goodness, that Josh Allen is huge". Not only that, it is a skeleton that is the size of two stories and is leapfrogging a Tennessee Titan who is also a very large skeleton on this front lawn.

Skeleton in EA

The Buffalo Bills will take on the Tennessee Titans on Monday Night football and the whole Western New York area is buzzing with Buffalo Bills fever. Led by quarterback Josh Allen, the Buffalo Bills are very exciting to watch over this season. Since dropping the home opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Buffalo Bills have gone on to win four in a row I have gotten more impressive as the weeks click on.

Adorable Bear Makes A Home In A WNY Backyard

I have seen some great Halloween decorations on the front lawns since October began, but this one could be my favorite so far. Not only is it perfect for the season, but it is so creative and well done that it had traffic backed up on Oakwood Avenue on Sunday morning for a half block or so.

Best of luck to the Buffalo Bills as they take on Tennessee in music city. One thing is for sure, the fans that travel to Nashville to witness the game have had a great time at least that it seems that way in the pictures I have seen online. it looks as though the 615 area code will be The 716 at least for a few hours when the broadcast begins on Monday Night Football.

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