For the better part of two years, we have been wearing masks here in Western New York.  As we have made our way through the Delta variant, and then the Omicron variant, it became tougher to remember what people's faces looked like without a mask.

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Well, that may soon be coming to an end here in Western New York.  Today, Erie County Commissioner Mark Poloncarz issued a statement, signaling the potential for relaxing or rescinding the mask mandate currently in effect for Erie County businesses.

He posted the following on Twitter this afternoon:

Poloncarz said via a statement released by Erie County:

 Erie County is prepared to follow the lead of Governor Hochul as she updates the public on New York State’s stance on masking in tomorrow’s announcement

It is worth noting that If Governor Hochul decides to end the statewide mandate on masks, it won't be a hard stop to wearing them in Erie County.  Polocarz's statement went on to say that if the Governor does end the mandate soon, masks will still need to be worn here in Erie County until the end of the month of February.  This will be done, according to the statement, in order to ensure a safe working environment for employees of the county, and its guests.

The mask mandate was first enacted in Erie County on July 29th, 2021.  The rescinded, only to be brought back once the Omicron variant made its presence known here in Western New York.  As of now, masks still need to be worn by all employees and guests in county-owned facilities.

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