Local officials are warning people about the account and the dangers it poses.

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Since Elon Musk took over Twitter there have been some controversies, especially with oversight of content. Now, however you feel about that is your business, but it's been a problem for some who have been seeing very real-looking phony accounts pop up as of late. Some of this in reality doesn't matter much. However, when fake accounts pop up looking like actual government accounts or accounts authorities use, it becomes a matter of public safety.

Buffalo and Western New York are dealing with a historic snowstorm that has dropped as much as 80 inches in some spots. That hasn't stopped people from causing a little havoc on social media, such as the person who impersonated the man who dug Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen out of his home so he could play in their game Sunday. CLICK HERE FOR THAT. This is annoying and cheap of the person who did this, but not a public safety concern.

What is a concern is someone made a parody account for Erie County, the largest county (by population) in Western New York.

Anyone paying attention knows this isn't the real account for Erie County. Their @ handle, bio, and time they joined give that away, clearly. However, unfortunately, a lot of people don't pay attention and clearly have taken things from this account as real.

Just goes to show the importance of paying attention to the details in this day and age. Here is the county's ACTUAL Twitter account:


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