There is no better way to spend a cold day in Buffalo than to spend it inside the warm and aromatic confines of The Botanical Gardens at 2655 South Park Avenue in Buffalo. And going on now, you can "Feed The Fish!"

Stay warm indoors, enjoy the colorful displays of exotic flowers, relax in the meditative atmosphere surrounded by unique vegetation brought in from all over the world AND, spend time feeding the Garden's colorful collection of Koi fish.

Tickets for this limited-time event, according to the Botanical Gardens. "Members, adults, and students ages 12 and up are $18.50. Kids and members ages 3-12 are $14.50. The price of admission includes a potted plant, a cup of Koi fish food, an exclusive button, and time to help feed their fishy friends! And regular admission for the day is included."

I have lived in Buffalo my whole life and have never been to the Botanical Gardens. Considering it is a national historic site. I feel embarrassed that I have not ventured out to experience a place that has over 140,000 people visiting it annually. Their Mission Statement: "The historic Buffalo Botanical Gardens is a living museum that inspires curiosity and connects people to the natural world."

After seeing the Koi's vibrant colors, and the massive sizes of them all swimming happily together in unison, hypnotically around the beautifully cared for ponds. I can not help but feel sorry for my goldfish, Ying, alone in a 20-gallon tank along with having me for a roommate.

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