School will soon begin here in Western New York and that means for the 12th and final time I will do our annual "1st Day Of School" tradition.

Ever since my son Avry made his way onto the bus on his way to kindergarten in 2010, my wife Elizabeth and I have done something special.

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On that day in 2010, I took the day off of work so I could shoot lots of pictures and help my wife get our son off to school for the first time ever. Well, since school started at 8a m, after he hopped on the bus, my wife and I didn't know what to do.

So we decided to have a morning margarita, and a new tradition was born!

This year it will be a little different. This will the 12th and final "1st day of School" for my son Avry as he is a Senior at Frontier High School. I know people will say what about college, but we will drop him off well before the 1st day of classes so that will be a whole other thing.

For 12 years, we have gotten my son Avry up and dressed and off to school, or a couple of years ago, off to remote learning, and then had a morning margarita. It was our way of celebrating the return to school and gave us something to take out minds off Avry and his school adventures.

Over the years, we have expanded the tradition to have lunch out, around the same time Avry has lunch at school, and then a school day recap pop with Avry after school to hear all the good and bad that happened that day.

So while there might be some tears in my morning margarita, I know that Avry is one step closer to achieving the goal of graduating High School.

Here are some photos from over the past 12 years!

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