It’s a shame that April Fools’ Day falls on a weekend this year. I take pleasure in tormenting my co-workers. But all is not lost. Here is a list of things you can do to your significant other/children/parents/whoever you live with:

1. Cover the toilet seat with Vaseline.

This is best done before the first toilet use of the day. When someone sits, boom. They’ve been slimed.

2. Put cellophane over the opening of the toilet, tucked under the seat.

This has its consequences though. You may be assigned to the cleanup crew.

3. Tie a rubber band around the kitchen sink sprayer.

Make sure you have the sprayer pointing in the right direction. Then ask for a glass of water. I’ve used this several years in a row. It never gets old.

4. Start crying and tell your boyfriend your pregnant.
(They love when you do that)

Take a picture of his expression.

5. Cover an entire hallway with cups of water.

Note: you should definitely use paper cups.

Have fun and don’t forget to share your pranks!