Welcome to the third in the series of Flashback Concerts at the Aud. The Nineties.
The Buffalo Memorial Auditorium or Aud is one of the most revered and memorable Buffalo institutions that are no longer standing. The physical structure may no longer be downtown, but the memories and stories are still alive and well today.

The 90s was the "last hurrah" for the Aud, and it is fascinating to see how some bands spanned all three decades. Grab your flannel as we take a lead singer stroll down the musical memory lane that was the last call at the AUD.

How many shows did you see at the Aud in the 1990s?

How many shows in the 90s did you see at the Aud? (Here's a list compiled from Concert Archives of all the shows)

Here are a few shows that stand out for me personally. I'd love to hear about your experiences. Hit us up on the WBUF Facebook page or send a message through the WBUF app.

 ZZ TOP/BLACK CROWES Feb 1, 1991:  I went to this show with my uncle on a whim while we were out day drinking. The next thing I know, a cab drops us off in front of the Aud and we end up buying tickets from a "third party." Definitely needed cheap sunglasses after that.

VAN HALEN May 2, 1995: This was the "Balance" tour and it was the first and only time that I was able to meet the band. Eddie Van Halen lit up the room with his infectious smile. I still have the photo that I look at every day. It's bittersweet because the girl I was dating at the time is in it with me. She rocked then and she rocks now.

And just like that, the Aud was torn down. The physical structure may no longer be standing, but the memories of the music will last forever.
I hope you enjoyed the "WOW" moments of remembering the Aud.
Last one out, please turn off the lights.

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