Some people think yard sales are just full of junk. But sometimes, one man’s trash can truly be real treasure. These yard sale shoppers paid low prices for an amazing turnaround.

5. A Velvet Underground Demo Surprise. In 2004, a man found a preview copy of a record with the words "Velvet Underground" written on top. He bought it for a mere 75 cents. To his surprise, this was a demo of the Velvet Underground’s first album, and the copy eventually sold for about $25,000. I’m sure he became a fan of the band after cashing in!

4. An Artwork Bombshell. For some reason, pieces of artwork by Martin Johnson Heade are constantly found at garage sales. There have been a reported four findings of his works, and these paintings return a hefty profit. In 1999, a Wisconsin man paid only $29 for a painting that gave him an $882,500 payout.

3.  The Declaration of Independence (Twice!). In 1989, a man bought a picture frame with a hidden surprise -- inside was a rare copy of the Declaration of Independence. The man's $4 investment turned into over $2 million. Again, in 2006, a Nashville man paid less than $2.50 for what appeared to be a copy of The Declaration of Independence. But this was no ordinary copy -- it was one of several that were commissioned by John Q. Adams. The copy was sold at auction for over $475,000! The moral of the story: If you see a copy of The Declaration of Independence at a yard sale, buy it!

2. An Art Purchase Shocker. Teri Horton, a truck driver, bought a painting for only $5 that she claimed was “ugly.” Hortan had intentions of throwing darts at the painting for fun. The painting turned out to be by famed abstract painter Jackson Pollock. Horton’s response to finding out  the artist was “Who the #$&% is Jackson Pollock?” She is now on a quest to sell the painting for $50 million dollars. She has been offered as high as $9 million.

1. Priceless Photographs. A man may have only paid $45 for a collection of negative photographs, but they could be worth much more. The photographs are said to be by Ansel Adams and could be worth up to $200 million dollars if they are truly by the photographer.

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Contributed by Megan Ziemianski

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