If you weren’t watching ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!‘ last night (or if you’re like us and you just asked, “That’s still on?”), you missed a very special treat. Oscar-nominated actor Gary Oldman popped by to give a dramatic reading from rapper R. Kelly’s memoir, ‘Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me.’

And really, who better to give a dramatic reading of anything than Gary Oldman? With his perfect diction and that properly stuffy English cadence, Oldman reads from a portion of R. Kelly’s book that details the time he met “Pac,” who we assume to be deceased rapper Tupac Shakur… Unless he means Pac-Man, which actually wouldn’t be all that surprising.

The reading calls to mind Oldman’s two-episode arc on the television show ‘Friends,’ in which he played an English actor (of course) who had a tendency to spit on his co-stars thanks to his insane commitment to enunciation.

You can watch the clip below from ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!,’ in which Oldman wears an adorable suit and scarf combo and reads ‘Soulacoaster’ with all the seriousness he might give to a reading of ‘King Lear.’ Of special note: Gary Oldman saying things like “holler” and “we’ll just let it do what it do.”

Ladies and gentlemen, Oscar nominee Gary Oldman:

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