It was announced this week that Niagara County will cap the tax on gas at $3 starting on June 1st. While we wait for the official word from Erie County, the County Executive has released his plan for what we can expect.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz has sent a resolution to the county legislature calling for a temporary gas tax cap at $2 per gallon.

This would also start on June 1st which is the date the New York State has also set for the state's cap on taxes. This will add up to around a dollar per fill up. This is good news for all of us. Sure, it is not a hug savings. But as the prices have surged over $4 per gallon recently, it is at least a start.

Some of the critics are worried that the lack of taxes will hurt the bottom line in Erie County. In fact, the County Comptroller is also worried that property taxes may have to go up. So in reality, the holiday is nothing but a robbing Peter to pay Paul and the government will try to get their hands on the money in one way or another.

But, for now, the tax savings on gas will at least make the experience at the pump less hurtful. Those of us who drive a larger vehicle will certainly appreciate that. It is not uncommon for a full tank to cost around $100! When you consider that early in the pandemic we were paying around $1 at some places, that is incredible! Any savings looks good.

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