George Clooney and Hugh Laurie saved Jimmy Kimmel's life on his late-night show thanks to the power of rap lyrics.

The actor stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote his latest movie, the Coen brothers-crafted Hail, Caesar last night (Feb. 2). Though he's now one of the industry's most sought-after stars of the silver screen, most of America became acquainted with Clooney during his stint as Dr. Doug Ross on NBC's wildly successful medical drama E.R.

For a skit in the latter part of the Kimmel episode, Clooney took part in what was supposed to be a botched E.R. reunion. Other actors were said to have declined because they were at spin class or simply couldn't get an Uber to take them to the studio. One other television star did show up, though: Hugh Laurie, who starred as the titular doctor in the Fox drama House, M.D. -- a medical role Clooney agreed was "close enough."

When the logistical concerns were set aside and the TV doctors were left to rescue a "dying" Kimmel, they realized that their skills had atrophied, and that they would have to resort to techniques taught to them during their fictional time at television medical school. Laurie reminds Clooney that the only way to save the dying man with is to rap "Rapper's Delight," the song that broke hip-hop to radio by placing a lineup of rappers -- dubbed the Sugarhill Gang after the label that issued the single -- over Chic's disco hit "Good Times."

What started as an angry, stilted a cappella turns into a full performance, complete with the house band's backing track. It appears as if all went according to plan, and that Kimmel lives to host another day.

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