Halloween is creeping right around the corner. Do you believe in ghosts, spirits, witches, and whatnot? What scares you? Is it the dark? Hearing strange sounds when you are, or you think, you are alone? Western New York, especially in this area is a hotbed for sightings and strange happenings.

We all hear the stories, the urban legends, and even eyewitness accounts from various places throughout the area. Whether it be outdoors or inside some pretty creepy institutions.

One of the most famous institutions was an actual institution. I am referring to The Buffalo Psychiatric Center. And according to Karl Josker, the photographer who was bold enough to take the following pictures, he stated:

Designed by H.H. Richardson, the cornerstone was laid in 1872. Located at 400 Forest Avenue, Buffalo has had several names through the years, including the State Lunatic Asylum, the State Insane Asylum, and the Buffalo State Hospital. The Buffalo Psychiatric Center continues in more modern buildings around the now-closed Richardson complex.


As I was looking at the following photographs, I could not help getting chills imagining all the pain, strife, and suffering that happened in and around this establishment. After knowledge and compassion for mental health patience and awareness of their condition was very limited, I mean come on, they once called it  The State Lunatic Asylum.

As I mentioned above, there is a lot of paranormal activity in this area. I suggest taking a haunted tour or reading anything by Mason Winfield. Just make sure to leave the lights on. Happy haunting.


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