My favorite feature in the Madden series has always been the franchise mode where you get to draft new players. As a frustrated Buffalo Bills fan, it gave me control of the team and the ability to build the team we always hoped for. In Madden 2013, they now call it Connected Careers, and it's more difficult than ever to find a great players in the draft. But let me help you out. I finally finished my first season of Madden in Connected Careers, and if you're like me and don't have the time to scout like you used to because, well, you have a life... here's some draft day steals.It's important to note that Madden 2013 has several draft classes and your first draft class could be different every time you start a new career. So this guide only applies to the Derek Durden, Marcus Bailey, Indonesia Early storyline only. I'll post more as I get them or if you have some stats, feel free to send an email to and put Madden ratings in the subject line. Then we can update the draft board for our readers who also get yelled at by their wives for spending more time scouting players than picking out anniversary cards.

Notice that there are very few superstars in the draft, and you'll have to use your XP to realize their full potential. Also, this guide doesn't account for their potential. Some players top out quickly, others have huge room for growth and intangibles that can't be measured in the rating they are given. Player ratings also change depending on your team's scheme. The better the fit, the better the player rating. There's also a ton of busts, so like real life, a bad draft can be very disappointing in your hopes of improving your franchise. You can also find a few nice gems in the late rounds, but for the most part, the rookies suck. Hopefully this helps. Here are the players, followed by their Madden rating.


  1. H. Parker-78 (he was still available in the 3rd round)
  2. D. Durden-76
  3. M. Kodiak-76


  1. I. Early-77 (best name in the draft, and nice combo of speed and power)
  2. J. Hobbs-77 (also a late round steal)
  3. H. Daniels-76


  1. J. Suggs-82
  2. S. Morris-81
  3. C. Richard-78 (the other two guys get drafted in the first round, but he'll likely be there in the third)


  1. S. Lenkiewicz-76
  2. D. Baird-76
  3. D. Allen-73


  1. Z. Bryan-82 (got this gem with my last pick)


  1. M. Carson-82
  2. R. Gibson-78
  3. J. McCuien-78
  4. C. Riggs-77

Defensive End

  1. J. Davis-81 (projected as a third rounder, he rates better than anyone else on the board)
  2. A.J. Covington-81
  3. K. Bowser-80
  4. Z. White-78
  5. M. Bailey-77 (projected as top pick, he falls down the draft board and can be had in the 2nd or 3rd round)


  1. J. Beasley-80
  2. J. Sneed-75


  1. J. Wilson-83
  2. T. Mills-82
  3. J. Hailey-79
  4. B. Hadley-76
  5. D. Boyce-76 (Boyce is the only LB listed not picked in the first two rounds)


  1. D. Weinstock-82 (this guy dropped to the fourth or fifth round and was the top rated DB)
  2. C. Davis-81
  3. D. Davis-80
  4. D. Massalone-76
  5. Q. Uko-75
  6. J. Jones-75


  1. N. Smith-80 (might be available in rounds 5-7)
  2. B. Black-74


  1. C. Ford-80
  2. J. Washington-75


  1. Schneider
  2. Butts (yes that's the name)

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