It's a scary reminder, but it is certainly is something that everyone should be aware of. Niagara University student Rachel Swiatek wrote on Twitter about a situation that happened in Williamsville/Amherst area. A kid, she says about 8 or 9 was running toward her car and while she avoided him, she called the police. They said that it is a tactic used by sex traffickers--they will use young kids to lure in women because they are more opt to help out a kid.

Western New York is no stranger unfortunately to sex trafficking, though.

“The Human Trafficking Intervention Court was started at the end of 2013 because there was a recognition that most of the people engaged in commercial sex work are not involved voluntarily. In Buffalo, 96 percent of the people who have been through our court, and we’ve seen 225 defendants (since we started at the end of 2013) were born in the United States and most of those people, mostly women, are from Western New York.”, according WBFO.

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