The Grammy's eliminated a category for rock bands over a decade ago, and the legendary Godsmack singer has some strong opinions about bringing it back.

Godsmack and Awards

Sully from Godsmack has never been known to pull punches. It's why so many people are fans of the iconic hard rock band that has had more number 1 hits than Van Halen (facts). However, despite their success, including #1 songs from their newest album Lighting Up The Sky, winning awards hasn't come easy. Their genre, which is also the genre of so many other incredible rock bands, has been limited by the Grammys.

Were These Rock and Metal Acts Snubbed by the Grammys?

Grammys Consolidate Categories

The Grammy Awards combined the Best Hard Rock Performance and Best Metal Performance categories in 2012 into the Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance category. At the time rock, especially hard rock, was in a bit of a funk (no pun intended). There wasn't a big push behind the artists in the genre back in 2012, and the Grammy Awards decided to consolidate. Now that hard rock bands, including Nu-Metal, are back in the picture and gaining popularity, many are not getting the recognition they should because of the limited nominations that can be given out for one category.

Do the Grammy's Hate Metal?

Godsmack's Lead Singer Sully Speaks Out

Sully, the lead singer of Godsmack, pointed this and more out during an interview with me, Pat McMahon, on 92.9 WBUF. I was asking him if he would like it if Godsmack were put into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, which he said would be an honor. He then pointed out the issues with the Grammys. Take a listen to the segment.

A Warning, He Swears.

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What do you think? Are rock bands getting the shaft from The Grammys?

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