Need some space?! If you're looking for some land, a great big house and some barns, this farm for sale in Chautauqua County could be the right purchase for you.Just the views of the fields and ponds in the photos are enough to make you feel relaxed.


This farm that is for sale in Sherman,NY has everything a person could want. That is if you want to live in the country and perhaps raise a few cows or horses or even lots of kids!

I have said many times on air that it is my dream to own some land and even have a beef cow or two of my own. Something with a pond for bass fishing with Hank or hunting with some friends on the weekend. Although this farm has a few buildings that may require some attention or updating, it is rare that you can find any farm (or house for that matter) that doesn't need some sort of updating. That is unless you build a new one to your own specs.

The house on this farm was built in 1900. In other words, it was built to last! With 3 full baths, there is plenty of room for a big family and on a good day (snow may be an exception) it is just about an hour commute. Which is relatively short when you compare what commute times might be in larger cities.

Farm in Sherman 2 (
Farm in Sherman 2 (

For some reason when I saw the photos on Zillow, the song "Outskirts of Heaven by Craig Campbell came to mind. A home with acreage is something that is still part of the American dream. f it's part of yours, Sherman could be the new place you call home!

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