Share the things that have really made you mad this holiday season and it could win you VIP tickets to New York State's largest Craft Beer Festival: Buffalo On Tap.

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"A Festivus for the rest of us!" It was proclaimed on Seinfeld in 1997. The holiday has 5 key parts as explained by CNN:

  • Get a Festivus pole. Search your home for an aluminum pole. ...

  • Prepare a Festivus dinner. Meatloaf is key to stay true to the “Seinfeld” episode.

  • Air your grievances.

  • Join in the Feats of Strength.

  • Call all slightly non-routine events 'Festivus miracles'

We don't have a pole, nor have we made any meatloaf.

Mah The Meatloaf GIFs | Tenor

We also don't really want to make you do any feats of strength. Instead, let's do what we all enjoy doing most: displaying our outrage for others!

All you have to do is Tell us what has really made you and this holiday season. A person. A place. A Thing. A driver. A team. Your work. A family member. Whatever it is that has really gotten under your last nerve.

While Festivus is celebrated on December 23, we will keep this contest rolling all through the holidays until Midnight on January 2. Whoever gives us the best, funniest, or most interesting grievances will win 2 tickets to New York State's largest Craft Beer Festival: Buffalo On Tap. 

VIP tickets include 4 hours of sampling, food vouchers, souvenir items, tasting glass, and VIP lounge access.

So air your grievances below and win! MUST BE 21 years of age and Over to enter and win.

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