It seems crazy, right? The Buffalo Naval Park, haunted?

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Although it's not the first place you think of when it comes to ghost stories here in Western New York, turns out, there are stories of the ships there being haunted.

The Naval Park consists of the USS Little Rock, The USS Sullivans and the USS Croaker, which is the submarine.

According to Step Out Buffalo, the book Haunted Buffalo: Ghosts of the Queen City, which was written by Dwayne Claud and Cassidy O’Connor, folks have heard unexplained footsteps aboard the smaller ship, the USS Sullivans.

The story goes that one of the brothers the ship was named after, George, wanders the ship in search for his lost brothers.

Another creepy story is when an elderly couple was on a tour of the ship and at one point, approached a naval officer to ask a question, which the officer gladly helped them out...later, however, after they tried to locate him and thank him, they were told there was no officer on board the ship that day...

According to Haunted Rooms America, there are people that claim there's an angry spirit named John aboard the submarine. He's said to pull hair of guests and even breathe on their necks.

The USS Little Rock has unexplained footsteps, whispering voices and even a water tap that turns itself on. Apparently there's a possible sailor who is lonely and follows women around the ship, hoping for comfort, while another is a prankster.

I've only been inside the ships three times, myself. Once was with my classmates on a field trip, the other two times were with my dad. I didn't notice anything (although it's been a while), but the USS Little Rock is pretty big, with plenty of places for a ghost to get lost...

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