More similar songs that avoided lawsuits... or maybe they just haven't realized it yet.JACK is on a mission to prove... well not really to prove anything we don't already know but still on a mission to put it out there.

Songs in question: Rick James - Mary Jane / J. Lo - I'm Real (Murder Mix) ft. Ja Rule

While the premise of each song is different; Rick James singing about his love for Mary Jane and J. Lo singing about being a real woman... which if you have seen her she probably doesn't have to state the obvious. The music is where JACK saw the similarities. Now J. Lo's I'm Real seams to be a striped down version but you can't argue the similarities of the drum beat, some bass and lead notes, even in some of the vocal lines are similar. Mary Jane: "And when I'm feeling low, she comes as no surprise" I'm Real: "And when I'm feeling sexy, who's gonna comfort me" (JACK will BTW) We feel we have presented the case and again ask Rick James to remember us if he files a lawsuit... cause you know, we could use a hand out.

What do you think?

Rick James - Mary Jane

J. Lo - I'm Real (Murder Mix) ft. Ja Rule

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