The last several weeks have seen a variety of changes in restrictions and guidelines, not just in Western New York or New York State, but across the country. As more people get vaccinated and as we head into the warmer weather months, there are many changes to wrap your head around.

Today, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that New York State would adopt the latest CDC guidelines, which allow fully vaccinated people to go into most settings without a mask and not having to mask up or use social distancing outdoors. This adoption by New York State goes into effect this Wednesday, May 19th.

However, as you can imagine, there is some uncertainty still regarding where you have to or don't have to wear a mask. Certain businesses are still (as of Monday afternoon), requiring customers to wear masks inside their stores. Wegmans and Tops are both reviewing mask policies and we might see them lift their mandate, but as of now, you still have to wear your mask inside those grocery stores.

There are many businesses that have lifted their mask mandates, which will also go into effect at their locations in New York State starting on Wednesday, May 19th.

Here are some stores that have lifted their mask mandates as of Monday afternoon, per WKBW.

Please note that this list will be updated as more stores lift mask mandates.

Stores That Have Lifted Their Mask Mandate (updated)

Here are stores that have (currently) lifted their mask mandates.

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