Western New York is blessed with so many great towns and villages. Take a drive through any one of them and you will feel like you are right at home here in the 716.  most of the beauty comes from the historic nature of these towns and villages. But which of them are the oldest?

I had some time before the bills game on Sunday morning to do a little searching about some of the towns and villages around the area. I was thinking about why Orchard Park was given that name.  It’s pretty straightforward. According to what I found the town was named because of the beautiful orchards that were within it.

Many of the towns and villages had an original name that was later change to what we currently know them as. But I found a list of the oldest towns in New York State and was able to pick out those that are in Western New York specifically.








My father taught a class called the history of Western New York while he was teaching at West Seneca East Senior high school. And he shared some of the many great things that we can be proud of historically speaking here or in the Buffalo area. The Queen City certainly has a lot of pride and a lot to be proud of from the past. But the surrounding towns and villages can certainly hold their own when it comes to the things that have made this area so great to live in.

If you ever get a chance, when the Erie County Fair is back next August, take a walk through the history building. Most of the towns and villages of Erie County are set up with some sort of display highlighting what makes that town so unique and it’s focal point in history.

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