Father's Day is this weekend and if your dad is like most dad's, he is hard to shop for. Dad never seems to "want" anything from their kids and it's like pulling teeth to get them to tell you anything! This is why kids have to go off what they think dad wants and it turns out it's not always the same.

Ebates releases their annual Annual Father’s Day Survey and according to BusinessWire.com, some signals may be getting crossed.

What Families Think Dad Wants

  1. Tools 28%
  2. Electronics 21%
  3. Hobby essentials 21%
  4. Beer 20%
  5. Outdoor equipment 19%

What Dad Really Wants

  1. Electronics 38%
  2. Tools 33%
  3. Beer 29%
  4. Outdoor tickets 26%
  5. Tickets to an event 24%

It looks like at the end of the day Dad will be happy with either electronics or tools, but really dad will be happy with anything as long as he gets to spend it with his kids!

Read the full story from Ebates and BusinessWire here.

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