The Amherst Police Department has opened doors for more women to become police captains after naming their first ever female police captain this summer.


Captain Tracy S. Martin has served the Amherst Police Department in multiple roles over the years, including roles as a patrol supervisor, supervisor of the Crime Scene Evidence Unit, Crisis Intervention Team, and Field Training Program.


As of last week, Captain Martin was promoted from lieutenant, and with this promotion, Martin became the first female police captain in the nearly 100-year history of the Amherst Police Department. 


According to WGRZ, she took “seven years’ worth of civil service exams but in 1999 joined her dream department.”  


Captain Martin is no stranger to promotions, but she is still floating on cloud 9 about her most recent move from lieutenant to captain.


“It really has taken me...three weeks to a month for it to hit me,” Captain Martin told WGRZ.


Amherst Police Department has more than doubled their female officers on staff since Captain Martin’s initial start at the department. 


With the announcement of Captain Martin’s promotion, Amherst Police Department released a statement on their Twitter page. 


“We congratulate Captain Martin on this well-deserved promotion and thank her for her continued service and dedication to the Amherst Police Department.

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