He'll tell you when he's out of order! Film Legend Al Pacino will be onstage tonight at 8:30 PM and tomorrow at 9 PM at the Fallsview Casino's Avalon room. The actor will be reviewing his entire film career, which has spanned more 40 years and has included some of the greatest movies ever.

This performance is sure to be intruiging and entertaining. Pacino has played such a variety of roles and has been praised with accolades throughout his esteemed carrer.

As a tribute to Al, we decided to put together a top-10 list. Most of these are debatable/interchangeable but here's what we got.....

10.) Donnie Brasco

9.) Devil's Advocate

8.) Heat

7.) Scarface

6.) Godfather III

5.) Dog Day Afternoon

4.) Scent of a Woman

3.) Carlito's Way

2.) Godfather II

1.) The Godfather

We would also like to add 'Any Given Sunday' and 'Ocean's 13' as honorable mentions.....

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