If you have money, whether as an individual, a company, or a government agency you can bet that there is always someone trying to get it at.

Since the dawn of currency, there has always been a certain group (Snake Oil Salesmen) that will try and lie, cheat, scam, and steal it away from the innocent, trusting, and naive. How many times have we have been warned of unsavory practices from either individuals or companies?

The internet opened up a whole new cyber world to help cheat and steal but it looks like the day of selling off the Golden Gate Bridge still exists.

WIVB sat down with Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw to find out how the county spent approximately $108,000 for asbestos removal from the Rath Building to find out it was really never done.

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There is a lot of finger-pointing which is never a good look in any facet of life. I guess Erie County did not check with The Better Business Bureau before booking the company. I am wondering if it was the same company that was put in charge of the removal of all the bed bugs that had their infestation on multiple occasions.

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