The eclipse is coming on Monday.  If you're looking for some music to help set the mood and make the most of the occasion, we have playlists here for you.

Nothing sets a mood like music.  The mood lighting will already be taken care of.  But if you're hoping to crank some tunes while the eclipse is happening, it's best to put your playlist together now.  It'll be a little harder to do while we are in almost complete darkness and you're wearing those ridiculous-looking (but still incredibly important to wear) glasses.

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When will the eclipse begin?

It's pretty incredible that people can estimate the precise time that we will be able to see the eclipse here in Buffalo.  This way, not only will you be able to know when to start your playlist, but you'll know how long it's supposed to go.

The National Weather Service is expecting that the partial eclipse will begin at 2:04:56 pm on Monday.  Then, the total eclipse will begin at 3:18:20pm.  Of course if you're southwest of Buffalo it will be a little earlier.  If you're northeast, it will begin a little later.

How long will it last?

The total eclipse will last for about 4 minutes.  So by around 3:22 pm, you should start to see things going back to normal.  The partial eclipse will still stick around for about another hour after that.

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So it depends when you want your playlist to start and end.  Do you start it at the beginning of the partial eclipse?  Or just at the beginning of the total eclipse?  That's up to you.  But here are some rock songs you might want to have loaded up and ready to go for the moment.

1.  Pink Floyd - Eclipse

2. Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun

3. Bruce Springsteen - Blinded By The Sun

4. Death Cab For Cutie - Black Sun

5. Powerman 5000 - When World's Collide

Bonus:  Violent Femmes - Blister In The Sun


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