Every weekday I drive back home from downtown Buffalo. Usually, I drive home between the hours of 4-6 p.m. We have it pretty good in Buffalo for traffic, but this is when its the busiest on the streets and highways.

My drive on Monday was not exactly something I want to relive.

As I got off the 190 South at Seneca, I was driving down Bailey and was about to cross into the border of South Buffalo, on McKinley.

A car in front of me was turning off, so I went around him and a car was flying up on the left side, which I was unaware of. As I got back over to the right lane to go around, the car I may have inadvertently cut off suddenly got behind me and proceeded to follow me through the streets of South Buffalo.

I didn't think the vehicle was following me at first, but after driving the length of McKinley towards Lackawanna, I turned off and the car still was behind me. I made another turn and the car again, followed me. That's when I knew it was a case of road rage.

I decided to turn again to the right and I slowed down. When the driver noticed this, he or she darted off to get away. I'm fairly certain it was that moment the driver knew I was on to him or her.

I'm thankful it didn't result in a confrontation, since I truly didn't mean to cut in front of anyone, since I thought there was plenty of lane space, but that's all it takes sometimes for a driver to feel road rage and do something scary such as following another driver.

I remember a similar thing happening to my dad when I was in the car, probably 15 years ago by now. That also didn't result in a confrontation, but there may have been some horn beeping exchanged.

It's crazy how small something can be that turns into a case of road rage.

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