Calling all wanna be "Dunder Mifflin" employees, now is your chance to scoop up your very own office desk, chair and a whole lot more! If you're read this message while a certain theme song plays in your head, this is exactly what you have been waiting for...

Real-life items from the hit TV show "The Office" are up for auction. WKBW reported that running now through October 5th, an online auction site called Screenbid, has about 500, real-life items used by the cast of the show including Michael, Pam,Jim, Dwight and more.

The auction items include Pam's reception desk, the infamous conference table and chairs, and even the numchucks used by Dwight. Since the auction started, some items are already at over $1000 BUT don't worry, you can still grab Stanley's desk pad or Angela's computer speakers for cheap, as they still haven't reached their $25 opening bid.

How cool would it be to have your company buy out the whole contents of the show and redo your current workplace? I think it would be sweet, but I can absolutely nothing getting done all day except trading one liners with fellow employees haha.

Wanna see what else is up for bid? Click here.

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