It pains me to write, talk or even think about this.  But is 2021 starting to look feel 2020? Sure the Buffalo Bills gave us a little distraction and it was a great break. But now I feel the list of cancelations is growing as another Buffalo sports team will not be playing this season. From little league, high school, and college athletics to professional leagues and organizations. All seem to be folding or at least struggling to get through the season due to the threat and risk of COVID-19 No WIVB reports:


#BREAKING The Buffalo Bandits will not be playing a season in 2021 as the National Lacrosse league announced on...

Posted by News 4 WIVB Buffalo on Wednesday, February 3, 2021

If you have never been to Bandits game, it is more of a party than anything else. Sure the action is amazing and the team is always competitive. Actually, they are the only Buffalo team that has more championships than both the Sabres and Bills.  But for me it's more about the music, it's the vibe of the fans that makes the games more enjoyable.  And for the price of admission, you can not beat the value with a lacrosse stick.

I am a big fan of the phrase "This too shall pass." But I  feel this is now starting to wear on the human condition. Humans need to socialize IN PERSON!  No matter what your take is on wearing a mask, if they work, if it doesn't work it seems irrelevant, at this point. Take care of yourself and stay focused and positive because this too will pass.


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