It's been cold throughout New York, and this video shows you just how freezing it is.

Temperatures throughout the state have been chilly, to say the least. Highs in the lower 20 or even teens have been common during this cold snap. This, of course, isn't uncommon, especially in February. It's been an overall very mild winter for most of the Empire State though, so this cold snap is one of only a few this winter season. While you can look out your window and see the snow and ice, seeing it from space it even cooler. Pun intended.

Video From Space Shows Frozen New York State

The International Space Station flew over New York and took a video of what it looks like right now. Unsurprisingly, it's snow-covered. However, the entire state is snow-covered. It all looks the same from Buffalo to Syracuse, to New York City. It looks like Elsa from "Frozen" would live here. Take a look at the video:

It's also very pretty, I think.

Temperatures are expected to rise over the next few days so this won't last long, much like most cold snaps and winter storms this winter. Still, it's cool to see what it all looks like above our little blue planet.

Weather people and news reporters definitely got a kick out of the video.

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