Want to propose to your girlfriend on the Jumbotron to show the world just how much you love her? You ain't got nothin on this dude, who got about 60 family and friends to Lip-Dub to a Bruno Mars song as a marriage proposal. Surprise, Issac Lamb is an actor and his friends obviously have a gift for choreography too. His future wife, Amy Frankel sits in the back of a car as it moves down the street to the song "Marry Me" from Bruno Mars as she is serenaded.

The video has exploded, and is sure to be one of the biggest viral videos of the year and will also get the couple on the Ellen Degeneres  and Today show.

"The love I genuinely feel for my fiancé has touched other people. I never expected this and I'm really amazed by the response. My intention was never to make a viral video." Lamb insisted to the Oregonian. Anything you do, won't top this. The bar's been set pretty high. Unless you actually know Bruno Mars. 

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