Wow, that’s bold. 

Most people who have played for the Buffalo Bills have a soft spot in their hearts for Western New York, but clearly not everyone feels that way. In fact, there are some rare occasions where an NFL trade can turn into a bad break-up, and that seems to be the case for this recent trade. 

On April 3, the Buffalo Bills finalized a trade to send wide receiver Stefon Diggs to the Houston Texans. In exchange, the Bills were awarded a 2025 second-round pick. 

It looks like both parties won with the trade, but it was Diggs who got what he really wanted. After news of the trade broke, Joe Mixon (the running back of the Houston Texans) seemingly confirmed that it was Diggs who wanted the trade. 

@stefondiggs just a few weeks ago you asked and We delivered Now let’s go get these ’s,” Mixon wrote on X.

Since the trade, Diggs scrubbed his social media of every picture being associated with the Buffalo Bills, minus his farewell post on Instagram.

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A post shared by SD (@stefondiggs)

Sounds like he kind of enjoyed his time in Buffalo, right? Well, maybe not. 

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Recently, Stefon Diggs has been reacting to tweets that aren’t really a true reflection of Buffalo’s “Good Neighborly” reputation, and unfortunately for the Mafia, Diggs’s Likes are visible to the public. 

So everyone can see that he is a bit sour after the trade. 

Maybe Diggs liked the tweet because some Bills fans have been attacking him since the trade? Maybe it’s because he seemingly wanted to leave? 

Another tweet that Diggs liked about a month ago was one from COACH PRIME, which talked about deserving better. 

With all of the recent changes to the Buffalo Bills roster, it may look like an entirely new team than the one we knew last year. 

Here’s to hoping that the team can get a groove going with momentum that will take us to the Super Bowl. 

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