The Buffalo Sabres are seven points out of a playoff spot, and the even worse part is the team who holds the final wildcard spot (Washington Capitals) have played four fewer games than the Sabres.

The season is already getting away from Buffalo and we haven't even reached New Year's Eve yet.

The Sabres haven't strung together more than two straight wins this season and they have only done that twice. The last time was the start of November. They have gone cold in scoring, the power play has been bad and they have a knack of playing from behind at home.

This would be the 13th straight season without a playoff appearance, which is tied with the New York Jets for the longest playoff drought in the four major North American sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL).

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Basically, the hockey world has made Buffalo the bud of jokes over the past decade. That even extends to the city of Buffalo itself and on Thursday afternoon, one former NHL goaltender decided to take a shot at Buffalo's way of life.

There's been a trend lately on X (formerly Twitter) to give different cities for each opinion, such as "city I like," "city I love," "most underrated city," "most overrated city," etc.

Sara Civ of B/R Open Ice, Too Many Men and EP Rinkside joined the conversation with her opinions. She listed Buffalo as her most underrated city (with Detroit).

One of the responses was former NHL goaltender Eddie Lack, who responded in regards to Buffalo.

"Buffalo? You must've been drunk entire time there that's the only thing that's fun."

Lack played in the NHL from 2013-2018. He played in 143 games for the Vancouver Canucks, Carolina Hurricanes, Calgary Flames and New Jersey Devils. Mostly with Vancouver.

Buffalo's been a punching bag for stereotypical reasons, typically by people who have never lived in Western New York.

Most former NHL players' impression of Buffalo consists of the Buffalo Grand Hotel (formerly Adam's Mark) and the I-33 from the airport.

Yes, the bars stay open until 4 am and we have great food, but Western New York is so much more than that.

Also, where Eddie Lack played are great cities as well.

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