It’s supposed to be the Best 12 Days Of The Summer, so you should enjoy it!

Most people who go to the Erie County Fair usually have the time of their lives, and they should! After all, it is the largest county fair in the country (outside of California) and it was the largest nationwide throughout the 1970s when you consider the overall fair attendance. 

Like it says, it really is the Best 12 Days of the Summer. 

So why are miserable people using their time at the fair to bring other people down?

I guess it’s the old saying “Misery loves company,” right?

Allow me to explain…

The fair opened up on Wednesday, August 9, and although it has only been a few days since then, there have been a handful of people on social media posting pictures of other fairgoers, critiquing their attire, posture, and overall appearance.

A.k.a. The definition of adult bullies. 

It’s honestly shocking to see how many people even have the energy to be mean on the internet, dragging people for their outfits and the way it “fits wrong” or snapping a secret photo of someone at the fair having a good time, just so you can call them “white trash” on Facebook. 

YOU ARE LITERALLY AT THE FAIR. You’re supposed to be having a good time!

If you are actually doing the fair right, you wouldn’t be so miserable that you have to take pictures of other fairgoers, minding their own business, in an attempt to make fun of them or drag them down. 

Stop being an adult bully. If someone’s look bothers you, too bad. Go the other direction.

And for goodness sakes, have an elephant ear and relax. Get something fried on a stick and smile, try to have a good time instead of bringing other people down for no good reason. 

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