If there’s one thing Buffalo knows, it’s food. 

Whether it’s a highly reviewed expensive steakhouse or your corner dive bar, Buffalo is full of great places to grab a delicious bite.

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There’s not much that Buffalo foodies don’t like when it comes to our cuisine.  We adore our beef on weck, our pierogis, our Buffalo (or on special occasions Detroit) style pizza, and duh - our chicken wings.

Even the fast food stops in our area are widely considered to be superior (Mighty Taco, anyone?). 

Buffalo Can’t Stand This Condiment

But we also know what we very much hate - most of all, ranch dressing. Ranch is literally the worst dressing ever, and doesn’t belong anywhere near our chicken wings. We’re a hard core blue cheese town, and proud of it. 

Why People In Buffalo Are Picky About Food

It’s not that those of us in Buffalo are looking to hate on certain foods or preparations of them. We don’t want to go out of our way to not enjoy our meals. Believe it or not, we’d prefer to love them, thank you very much.

It’s just that Buffalo food connoisseurs are really picky - and deservingly so! Buffalo is one of the most top-notch food markets in the country, and we’ve got a reputation to uphold. 

That being said, we know exactly how we like our Buffalo delicacies prepared, and we’re not afraid to tell you when you get it wrong. (Sorry not sorry.)

Here are 5 things that Buffalo hates when it comes to food (besides ranch. Yuck).

5 Buffalo Foods We Really Hate (Besides Ranch)

Here are 5 things that Buffalo can’t stand regarding food (besides ranch. Yuck).