There is no city in the country that is more proud than Buffalo.

I haven't been to every city in the United States, but the ones I have been to, do not match the level of intensity for hometown pride than Western New York. The people here are incredibly nice (City of Good Neighbors), the food is great (wings, pizza, beef on weck, etc.) and the city itself is extremely underrated. The summers are also gorgeous. Not much rain, not overly humid and lasts over four months.

Unfortunately, jokes at the expense of Buffalo have been common for decades. Typically about the snow, the lack of sports teams' success, and that there isn't anything to do here (there is).

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Usually, these comments are made by people who have never been to Buffalo or have only spent a very short amount of time here.

The recently famous "Keep Buffalo a Secret" building sign in Buffalo has gone viral, and it's due to someone making fun of the city and the moniker. It's located at 812 Main Street in the City of Buffalo.

You truly have to spend time here to understand why people defend Western New York to great lengths. There's a reason so many Bills and Sabres players have decided to live here, even after their days on either team are over.

The cool part about Buffalo lately is the resurgence. The waterfront is now a place people want to go to. You have Outer Harbor concerts in the summer. HarborCenter has greatly improved profit for the waterfront and downtown area. All the new restaurants in the region as well. Buffalo has this hometown pride outlook 20 years ago but it's an even better place to live in 2024.

But again, we should keep it a secret and maybe let the false narrative linger that Buffalo is snowy, cold and boring...

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