"When in Rome."  It's a phrase that means, when you're in certain situations, you do certain things.  But don't expect Keon Coleman to buy into it.

There is no doubt that Bills new rookie wide receiver Keon Coleman has become a fan favorite in the NFL already just because of his hilarious interviews.  He's got to be on just about every single podcaster's dream list of guests.

Right off the bat, he had people cracking up with comments at his very first press conference about cryotherapy rooms, sales at Macy's, imaginary touchdowns,  and free cookies.  If you haven't already seen these moments, click the link below.

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This week, he continued to shine on The Adam Schefter Podcast with NFL insider Adam Schefter.

Schefter asked Coleman, because he will be in Buffalo now, if he will be buying a snowmobile.  This was his response:

"We'll see...that's a lot of machinery," he responded.  Then he went on to clarify that it's the lack of wheels that seems to bother him.  "That's a little dangerous.  I like wheels.  If it ain't got wheels, I ain't really trying to ride it."

He did seem a little confused as to how much snow we actually get and where he would ride the snowmobile anyway and it's a valid point.  I think if you asked most snowmobile owners they would agree that they don't get to ride them nearly as much as they hoped when they bought it.

The best part about Keon Coleman is that he will put on an interview like this with hilarious responses, but he will also admit that he knows none of the hype matters if he isn't making plays on the field.  We haven't seen him make a catch for the Buffalo Bills that matters yet but it's hard not to like this kid already.

Is it August yet?

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