Even though Groundhog Day was just a short time ago, and Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early Spring for those of us in the northeast, someone forgot to tell Mother Nature.

The weather has turned more seasonably cold lately, with bitter wind chills being the story this weekend for much of New York State. Temperatures haven't gotten out of the 20's in much of the state, with snow falling (heavy at times).

Sunday has turned into a snowy day for those in Western, Central, and Upstate New York. There's a Winter Weather Advisory for Northern Erie and Niagara counties in the western portion of New York, with several more inches of snow expected to fall.

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As for those off the western end of Lake Ontario, the Winter Weather Advisory has been upgraded to a Lake Effect Snow Warning.

The National Weather Service just issued the upgrade within the hour and it goes until Monday morning.

4-6 inches of new snow is predicted. That's on top of what has already fallen since Saturday.

The counties in the target zone for that lake-effect snow are Jefferson, Lewis, and southwest St. Lawrence. There's still a Winter Weather Advisory in effect for Oswego County.

The good news is the snow will exit by the time we wake up on Monday, with 40s forecasted for Tuesday and even 50s possible for Wednesday.

March is 11 days away. The first day of spring is one month away. We're almost to the finish line. It's past the halfway point of winter and warmer weather should be on the horizon soon.

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