It is baby deer season! You probably have been seeing them everywhere, but one person stopped her commute in the Western New York area after finding a baby deer in distress. 

Early June is the peak time for fawns to be born, which means there have been a lot of sightings around New York state. Normally when you see a baby deer on the road, you do whatever you can to avoid it with your car, right? Well, one woman did the opposite of that when she chased a baby deer down.

The chase had good intentions: to save the deer. However, most people on the road didn’t really empathize with the situation. 

If you saw a baby deer in distress, would you try to save it? One woman in Buffalo, New York went into life saving mode on this baby deer that she found where the 33 exits onto the 198. 

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There, drivers reported seeing the smallest baby deer running towards traffic. Two cars pulled over and the drivers hopped out to follow the fawn to save him from the incoming traffic.  

Other cars were beeping their horns and it was chaotic, to say the least. But seeing two people stopped to save this animal was really sweet.

Not saying you should do it…because it is pretty dangerous, but do be careful when you are driving over the next few weeks because you never know where a baby deer is going to appear. 

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